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Patient FAQ

What is Informed Financial Consent (IFC)?

Informed Financial Agreement (IFA) is an estimate of fees provided to you prior to your procedure advising of the estimated costs involved in your procedure. 

'Before you go into hospital for any proposed treatment as a private patient, it’s your right to ask your doctor about his or her fees, and to find out about the fees of other doctors who might be involved in your care. You should also ask your health fund about what you are covered for, and whether you will have any out-of-pocket costs to pay.'
(Australian Medical Association)

How do I get an online Estimate of Fees (Informed Financial Consent IFC)

If your doctor is registered with OzMed Trust, you can ask for an Estimate of Medical Fees by completing the secure online form FEE ENQUIRY. If you are unsure of what to ask for, phone our office during business hours and we will gladly assist.

I don’t have Private Health Insurance. Do I need to pay before my procedure?

Yes, if you do not have Private Health Insurance and are Self-Funding your procedure, you are required to pay prior to your operation.

How do I pay my account?

Your anaesthetic fee may be paid via BPAY, Credit Card and Debit Card. PAYMENT OPTIONS. If you would prefer to pay your account over the phone, please contact OzMed Trust Anaesthetic and Medical Billing directly 02 4480 6464.

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How secure is my payment information? 

The online payment forms are hosted by ANZ Merchant Services. These forms use SSL certificates that use encryption on transactions to ensure that your card details are protected from
interception during transmission. 

Why will I have a GAP to pay? 

The contribution made by Medicare and your Private Health Fund may not always cover the total fee for your procedure. As the fee for Doctor’s services vary, so too will the GAP. It is important for you to ask for Informed Financial Consent prior to your procedure, which will advise the expected fees for your procedure.

My Private Health Fund says you are a 'No Gap' Doctor – why do I need an estimate? 

In Australia, doctors may decide how much to charge for their services. These fees vary as Doctors will take into account the costs associated with the service they are providing along with expertise and skill. Some procedures may be provided as No Gap, however, this may not be available for all procedures. 

Please contact your Private Health Fund for advice on your level of cover.

 What is a 'Known Gap'? 

 If your Private Health Fund participates in a ‘Known Gap’ scheme, it may greatly reduce your out of pocket expense for your Doctor’s fee. The ‘out of pocket’ expenses will be outlined for you in the provision of IFC – Informed Financial Consent.

 I need a quote for my Superannuation. Can you help?

 Yes, quotes are available on request. Please telephone or email to advise of your procedure details.

I am an Overseas Visitor – do I need to pay my Anaesthetic/Medical fee before my procedure? 

Please contact OzMed Trust to advise Insurance details in order to determine your level of cover. Payment prior to your procedure may be requested prior to your procedure.

I am having Cosmetic Surgery – do I need to pay my Anaesthetic/Medical fee before my procedure?

Yes, payment for all Cosmetic Surgery accounts must be paid in full 7 days prior to your procedure.

How do I claim Rebates from Medicare (and my Private Health Fund, if applicable)? 

OzMed Trust Anaesthetic and Medical Billing offer to claim on your behalf, following payment of your account in full. For those patients who have registered their bank details with Medicare and their Private Health Fund (if applicable), payments will be paid directly into your nominated bank account. For those patients not registered, a cheque* will be sent directly to you from Medicare and your Private Health Fund. Please note, your account must be paid in full, and authorisation to claim on your behalf must be given to OzMed Trust.

*From 1st July, 2016 Medicare will no longer be issuing cheques to patients - please ensure you have registered your banking details with Medicare in order to receive any benefits payable.